GoLiveGive5 is a challenge to give to your choice charities and make a positive difference in your community.

What’s The Idea?

The idea is that together by giving a small amount, we can make a difference in our own communities.  By simply giving up a fancy cup of coffee, you could donate those funds to your favorite charity.


The idea came when a small local business was struggling to stay in business.  Even though it had brought low-cost family fun to it’s community for several decades, it now faced several issues, one of which was the need to upgrade some outdated equipment.  Part of the reason for this business’ success was the fact that it was a very affordable thing for families to do.  Their social media page has tons of followers, while its website was considerably lacking.  Fundraisers were started, but the social reach was declining…

Knowing how much Facebook prioritizes it’s LIVE feeds, the idea came to ask patrons of the business GIVE $5 (at least) to the business, GO LIVE with a public post when there having fun and tell WHY they just donated and hashtag it #GoLiveGive5.  By doing this, the organic social reach will spread through family and friends and encourage others to give hopefully creating a “snowball effect”.  Think $5 is too small an amount?  The idea is that TOGETHER the $5 will multiply quickly, but you’re NOT limited to $5… why not give in $5 increments – maybe $10, $20 or even $50?

Watch and Grow

Currently #GoLiveGive5 is and idea for a movement to make a positive change in our communities by donating to a non-profit charity of your choice.  So let’s start GIVING!  Don’t forget to GO LIVE with your WHY!  Stay tuned to see how this evolves and hopefully soon, we’ll be reporting back about organizations and communities helped!